It is very important that you seek specialist professional advise & consultancy which may not be available from your regular business advisors. Every business is different & capital growth initiatives needs individual considerations. The most suitable sources & types of capital for your business will depend on the nature of the project, amount required, type of business, market characteristics, business growth ambitions, size & timing of business cash flow & stage of business growth. The right type of funding or capital on flexible terms & conditions for business growth can make big difference to the success of your business. The most common reasons to raising capital including working capital for growth, acquisitions, new product development, service & market development, capital expenditure & restructuring.

We consult you on :-

» To develop business & commercialization plans.

» To find additional information on raising capital.

» To identify what information you need to present to investors & financers.

» To identify the alternative to external capital.

» To enhance your ability to raise capital become investment ready.

» To understand the capital raising process.

» To identify risk calculations to evaluate the total funding of project.

» To determined the source of capital most appropriate for growth needs, debt & equity.


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